Friday 28 February 2014

Live from Friday Night

Jed's previous promises to get regular have turned into something for which you should be tuned in. He's calling it Friday Night Studio over at the Tubes. At this present time it's a mix of the covers that he does so well, and new versions of 'Misty Promises' and 'Marching Along' that appeared on his The Lost Years, and 'Blank Stares and Photographs' that did not. It's kind of a turn taking situation. They're taking turns. Covers went first, but they're even for the moment, but that'll change. That's how taking turns works. Unless you're playing some sort of game with a child. In my experience children are terrible turn takers.

It's not strictly speaking live. I mean it was when it was happening, but that is past before it's posted. The future will be different though, I'm told. Jet packs and all that jazz. Maybe even time machines, then the past will be different too. Would be? Will be? Is be? Was be? Can you imagine writing incident reports for some kind of time agency? You would have to be completely on top of your tenses. I'd invent new ones. I'd write a book called Advanced Grammar for Complex Temporal Perspectives. I would try to get it into university curriculums. That's where the money was going to be.

I've had far more straight forward grammatical experiences with Jed lately, in which we've mostly been able to rely on the grammar with which we were previously armed by the Australian education system. These discussions have predominantly been about what his plans for the future are going to look like.

'Blank Stares and Photographs' is the latest episode, and is going to have been around for a while by this stage. It was a Jed original when it was written, but that might change in our time machine riddled future. At present history has a different version, which conditions dictated be whispered in the din of predawn. Times were different then for the time being.

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