Friday 7 February 2014

This is Falcon

Get ready for Falcon. They had a whole other name before than the one they have now. Now they are a raptor. A bird of prey. A band of prey. Sleek, predatory and awesome. There are moments when it feels like Dr Frankenfurter is the front man. Not all of the time, but some of the time. So, this falcon is probably a falcon in chaps and a corset. A falcon that is capable of inter-dimensional flight, and fighting whatever it might find on such journeys. They're Falcon awesome! That wasn't very good. I'll avoid some of that in future. No! You know what? I'll pun if I want to. This is my blog, and as a result they're my words, and I make the Falcon word rules here. If you don't like puns, write your own blog.

If you need to start somewhere on your Falconic journey, it should probably be with 'Awesome', which is a love song that you might sing if you actually meant it. The kind of love song you would sing when you just want to heft words at someone until they understand how you feel. Words that probably are not the same kinds of words that one often finds on cards unless you put them there yourself. It's a specific feeling with a specific phrasing. You most likely have had it and then said the words. Listen to the song, and you will be all like, 'Oh, hey. Yeah. I know what you're saying. I have felt like that right here in my heart, which is where I feel all of my biggest feels, and then gone on to say something like that with my mouth that I also used for alcohol.' That is a real process that I am not making up.

That song will give you a fair idea of what you're in for before you get into songs like '1982', 'Birthday', and 'The Girl Next Door', but at the same time is unlikely to prepare you for some of the other things that have emerged from the beak of the Falcon. I'm pretty on board with their whole scene. It is a scene on which I am keen. I am unfortunately nowhere near their scene. I am some thirty two hundred kilometres from their scene. They're in Perth. I am not in Perth. If they ever come to Sydney, I will let you know.

In lieu of having actual geographical access to the band, I started loitering in their SoundCloud habitat at some stage, which is where their music is living at the right now. The right now at the time of writing. It may not be at a different, later, right now, but that seems unlikely. It is more likely that it will still be there. I'm looking forward to the future of Falcon. Perhaps it will be like SilverHawks all spacefaring and chrome, but that will come later. This is now! This is Falcon!

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