Friday 17 April 2015

More Failure, More Launches

Failure to Launch is back!

Man, what happened there?! That first episode really took it out of us. Not really we recorded the first four in one day, and then life sort of ran us off the road.

But we're back now, and the long-awaited second episode of our Rimworld let's-play has been boldly thrust deep into public digital existence. It's deep in there. Where you can have it for free!

There are a a couple of episodes in the pipes that will follow suit in the days to come, but you can only have this one for now. Unless you're reading this after we've posted the others. Clearly, you can have all the things we've posted up until whatever time it is that you're reading this.

Failure to Launch, because the best ideas never make it past the breakfast table.

Also, there was the whole technical issue with Episode 1, so there's that too.