Wednesday 3 September 2014

Moonage Daydream

The guitar tears in, grinding hard on the border between realities. It comes again, and, now announced, the herald calls across the cosmos.

He calls to us, naming himself before the message starts.

The guitar claws, and the herald names himself again.

Warnings and intimacy, and the promise of the daydream.

A drum calls the connection back, and the guitar grinds again as the dimensional walls flex and tear.

He demands truth.

We are warned again, and the promises come. The connection is reinforced as the message drifts from reality. The herald calls the repeated message across the cosmic wound.

The connection is slipping.

The guitar claws, howling as it fights to maintain the signal between worlds.

It's grip finally weakens, and the transition is only a moment, and it is gone, and we are alone.

Reality is restored, but it is changed. The herald's words are catalyst enough for a new age.

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