Thursday 31 December 2015

Pandering to Panda's panda fans, who're tired of panning for panda gold!

What if I told you that you could now easily find and read all of the Panda comics in one easy to scroll list?

What if that was made a available to you?

Would you read all the Panda you found there?

Would you tell your friends?

Would you seek out panda enthusiasts and thrust it unbidden and unceremoniously upon their unsuspecting corporeal forms?

Well, this is a real thing. All of the Panda comics including both the original, late 2014, and current (hopefully ongoing) run are available in chronological order for your consumption.

Clicking on 'The Comic' will whisk you away to a magical world of snacks, unpaid product placement, and the occasional puddles of science.

Not included are the the two early proto-comics from the depths of late 2013, in which Panda dresses up as The Jedi Doctor, and yells at the sun, respectively. You can still find them where they've always been. Deep in the bowels of the United by Glue archive.

There is also The Octopus, which may or may not be The Octopus. He won't tell me, and he certainly won't tell you.

If you love Panda, or just pandas, now is the time to rifle through the back catalogue. The comicography if you will. And you should! Will that is. Will it hard, and will it long, and then have your will fulfilled by the chill sequentill still mill until your now methphoicill gills spill with digitill krill, Bill!

Explore the heavy asset reuse in the early comics, (which quite frankly I'm probably going to start doing again). Witness the stylistic inconsistency of the great majority of it. Marvel at his colour reversed eyes in the one with the cat in the box. Wonder what happened to the number 8 (and the punchline in the Christmas one). It's all there! Except the just now aforementioned numeral and punchline, which are not.

Reading (a collection of a very specific thing) has never been so easy!

Panda up!