Thursday 27 February 2014

It's not easy being green

I made a friend in high school. I suppose most of us did. And I made more than one too. This one that I am talking about though is more relevant to these things that I am talking about, which is why I brought him up. We fascinated ourselves with the way things got made. The way that some things were tricks, while others were craft from thin air. I remember sitting in his bedroom, or mine, while he showed me the things that were new for his brain. Techniques that had granted him new mastery over some recently impossible thing.  I would talk about the things that I had been taking out of mine to put on the page.

I remember lying on his floor and watching things we'd always seen a dozen times before, and we'd talk about the things we could create. We made promises about the stories and images that we were going to leave behind in the world. We'd talk about these things as though the only limitations that were imposed upon us were the paltry quantity of hours we had been granted in a day.

He was far better at keeping promises than I was.

Now I have friends who do this. More than one. And, like him, they do this for a living. This is an industry in which people work. Making the things that get imagined. They live where they need to live, and they work the hours that are put in front of them. Then they find the proper time for sleep when the final deliveries are done, and that is when they have to start figuring out where they are working next. While they're sleeping and worrying they are being forgotten.

Watch the video. It is their story, and they tell it better.

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