Tuesday 12 November 2013

The Polishing the Sacred Monkey Competition

I know this guy, and he has an IMDb profile, which I think is fantastic. The initial plan was to get him an acting credit, but the new plan is to get him any kind of credit that is outside the 'Visual Effects' category on IMDb.

The guy has a number of skills, but the one that I like most is the single eyebrow raise thing that Thomas Magnum does. He's quite tall. Taller than me. I'm 178cm. He's taller than that. I don't know how much taller. He also impersonates dinosaurs. I do that too. I'm not sure how useful that is, unless it is a really low budget Jurassic Park 'homage', but it's there if you need it. He can use chopsticks well, so he could be good as an extra in a restaurant scene. His facial hair is pretty even when it grows in too. I think it grows quickly. I've never really put a lot of effort into measuring its growth, but if you really need to know I can find out. I'll send him a ruler, or a tape-measure.

He is an anime fan, enjoys spicy Asian food and is 30, but that is time sensitive, and may change by the time you read this. I am fairly certain that he is currently single and living in the Singapore area. It's Singapore. He is living in Singapore.

The rules:
1. The credit should be in category other than "Visual Effects", because all of his credits are for visual effects.
2. It has to be something his mum can watch. I'll have to check with her about what she is willing to watch her son engage in, but I'm pretty sure any sort of sex scenes are probably out.
3. It can't just be a bogus credit. He has to actually do or participate in whatever the credit is for.

We haven't sorted out prizes yet, but when I know what is going on, I will get back to you on that. Needless to say that I will relentlessly whore whatever the project ends up being right here at United by Glue, for whatever that is worth. Probably not much, but look this competition is only going to be bigger next year. How does "inaugural winner of Polishing The Sacred Monkey" sound? Good, right? That could be you and your project. You could polish the sacred monkey before it was cool.

If you're interested, you can contact me through the contact form on the right.

Ready. Set. Polish!

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