Wednesday 27 November 2013

If you still haven't watched Growing up Gayby yet

That show I mentioned previously, Growing up Gayby, is something that you should've watched by now. I didn't really say what it was about, but I thought that the title kind of gave it away. If you didn't give it a look-see and the title wasn't informative enough, it is about gay parents raising kids who have gay parents. The gay parents that are raising them are their gay parents. It's kind of complicated. Also, the kids are not necessarily gay.

One of the kids really likes wrestling, which is something his parents are worried about. I used to like wrestling, but I grew out of it. One might even say that it was just a phase. See what I did there? Wrestling, not really like being gay. I mean for the most part they are same sex activities, but I think that might be about it. This same kid makes a comment on gender roles towards the end of the piece that is worth its weight in gold.

At the risk of appearing as though I am harping on about this, you should take some time out of your busy schedule to watch it. There is only a week left at this stage until it will no longer be available on ABC iView.

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