Tuesday 5 November 2013


Smaller than regular, but not a small fridge. It comes up to my chin. I could measure it if you like, but I would prefer metric over imperial. It's too small to be accurately described as 'ominous', or 'looming'. Definitely too small to be involved in any sort of looming. Even if you tilt it towards you it's still just kind of there. You'll understand if you see it.

It has the freezer on top, and might not work if you use it upside down, so if you like to kick the freezer door shut when you get ice cream you might need to take up martial arts, or ballet. Summer Glau did ballet and she can kick pretty high.

Can be moved around by one person, unless you will it with something heavy. Then it would depend how strong you are. I suppose it depends how strong you are anyway. I'm not particularly strong, and I don't have trouble with it. I'm not suggesting I would be able to move it up and down stairs easily on my own, but you should probably get a friend to help anyway if there are stairs involved.

It's white(ish). It's had some years, but it isn't stained or anything like that. You could paint it if you don't like the colour, but at the moment it is fridge coloured which means that you can tell what it is in your kitchen. I've never had any issues with anything like that in my kitchen. I can tell it is a fridge straight away. I heard of someone once who lost a fridge, but it was during a complicated move.

If you want my fridge, you can have it. You'll need to get it yourself though. I don't deliver. Not fridges anyway. I could bring something smaller around, but that would need to be arranged separately.

If you want, I will throw in a signed, incomplete, early draft of my book. It isn't very good, or finished, but I might be famous someday, probably not for writing, and you could show people at dinner parties, when you tell them about how you lost the accompanying fridge during your last move, which was particularly complicated.

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