Saturday 16 November 2013

Free Working Sofa!!!

No relation to the previously mentioned fridge. They don't look much alike, but they did sit next to each other for about eighteen months. So, they know each other. As far as inanimate objects get to know one another, which isn't at all really. They don't know each other. They don't know anything. Furntiure doesn't know things. Not yet.

The sofa is comfortable. It is one of those deep sofas that feels like it might eat you starting with your bottom, but in a comfortable way. It's not as long as a person, but it is still easy to sleep on because of its comfortableness, but you have to curl up on it like a cat, or a dog if you aren't a cat person.

It is leather or pleather, I haven't checked on its heritage, but they feel the same anyway. I'm not really sure how I would go about checking. I suppose there are tags on it somewhere that might say. I could investigate if you are interested.

It's sort of a dark green-grey, like the colour of the ocean. Some parts of the ocean. I wouldn't describe it as water coloured. Water is clear, unless it is dirty. The sofa would need to be made of glass or plastic in order to be water coloured. There are some inflatable sofas that are water coloured. It would be fair to say that the sofa is similar in colour to at least one colour of paint. I don't know the name or brand of the colour of paint. I have a picture of it somewhere. The sofa. Not the paint.

It has two cushions, but I would say that they are wider than the average bottom, or even most larger bottoms, so it is probably a two and a half seater, or some other part measure of bottom. I'm not really sure how long it is, but it does come out from the wall a fair bit so that it can be as deep as it is. Those two kind of go hand in hand. Bottom depth, and away from the wall depth. A sofa that could swallow your bottom would have to come out from the wall at least a fair way in order to be convincing.

I would prefer that you came and got the sofa yourself or sent someone on your behalf, because sofas are not the kind of things that move themselves. They are not goats. Even if they were goats you would probably want to come and get the goat, and at least lead it to wherever you were going to keep it. I wouldn't trust a goat to make its way from one place to another on its own. Not that goats are inherently dishonest. It's more of a competency thing. They can't read maps.

I suppose that some sofas could've been made from goats, or utilise parts of goats in their construction, but I don't think that this one is one of those sofas, and even so it wouldn't grant it the autonomy of a regular goat that was yet to be converted into a sofa.

I'm not unhappy with the sofa, and its removal has nothing to do with how comfortable it is, or its colour, or anything about the sofa itself. I needed the storage space, because I have too many things that shouldn't be stored on a sofa.

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