Sunday 24 November 2013

The Day of the Doctor

It all went down. I'm pretty sure I've done my bit as a viewer. I viewed. They, and by they I mean Aunty, are doing an 'encore screening' tonight. It is basically a very early rerun. Why wait years like they did with the old series? That's old hat these days. Practically antique. You've got to roll it out within twenty four hours or you're doing it wrong. Extending their new-fangularity, Aunty has also webbed the episode in their usual manner.

The episode was a lot of fun, and despite my concerns, it had a plot, and there were things happening, and I'm pretty sure that I squealed on more than one occasion. Actually squealed. Little delighted squeals of ecstasy, like some sort of leaky joy-pig. Much like the previous episode the fan service was rich and fatty, which is par for the course for this sort of activity. It's been fifty years. What else do you do? You make a documentary about the beginning of the show. They did that too. It is also airing tonight. It is also good. It is good drama, and it has all the fun sixties costumes and misogyny. Well, the misogyny isn't fun, but it is in the story. You could learn something about the early years of the show. I did.

I don't rally want to ruin either of them, and I think it might be less fun if I got into it in a really serious and detailed way. Watch them. They're good. That's all you really need. An Adventure in Space and Time is well cast, and is a good bit of drama. It's pretty well written too. If it was just a made up story, you would probably question the pacing, but you'd probably still see something in it. The Day of the Doctor is a fiftieth anniversary special that is worthy of being on the shelf with The Three Doctors, and The Five Doctors, which were themselves multi-Doctor anniversary specials in their day.

The Day of the Doctor will be reaired at 7:30 tonight (Sunday 2013-11-24), and will be very closely followed by An Adventure in Space and Time at 8:45.

Also, there is this, which is for what will be coming next.

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