Thursday 28 November 2013

Jed has mixed the cowboy

Around the time that I wrote this, I said:
Give me a heads up when you put up new stuff on YouTube and or SoundCloud, and I'll totally pimp your shit on my thing that I do with the words and that.
to the man himself. Not right to his face, but right to his facebook. He has complied, and this is his new thing that he has done for the rest of us. He did it for us. It's a remix, so it is a new version of an old thing, and I think that he may have actually done it for himself, but you know what? Fuck him. It's ours now. That's what the internet does to your things. Especially if you make them free to download from SoundCloud for a limited time, which is something that Jed did actually do for us, so perhaps we will be less aggressive about it.

'The Cowboy Song', which he still insists on calling 'Marching Along', is one of my favourite Jed Hutchinson tunes, and this remix is the better version of the two that currently inhabit the digital ether. This is one of those songs that when you hear live there is this whole other layer to it, and that is something that you get from it being there with you in the room. Not the singer, but the song. It really takes up room in the air around you, depriving you of oxygen. This is something that won't happen on a recording, but this remix gives you a better sense of the hollow place that you would find yourself in were you there with the song moving about you, thinning the air.

The other version, with which you may be familiar, appeared on the The Lost Years EP with a handful of other tunes, which is still available from a number of reputable online vendors. Really, it's just iTunes and Google Play. You can also pickup an early demo of 'The Space Between Us' from SoundCloud as well. It is also free. Perhaps for a far less limited time though.

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