Friday 21 February 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy

Panda and I are dancers of a certain kind. We get down to bust a move in a particular way, and there are some things that sway us to the boogaloo more than others, and they are (in no particular order) comics, space heroes, and the anthropomorphised animals. That is pretty much the recipe for us. That is why we are looking forward to this. This Guardians of the Galaxy. These things we listed above are its ingredients. It also has some other things that we like, but they aren't required. We also like finding sandwiches, but that may also be in there. We don't know yet. It isn't in the trailer. We also like pre-chewing our food, but you know what we can't have everything. Anyway, we're excited.

Somewhere, back there in the archives to the right is a post where I am more than certain that I have brought these guys and their impending movie up before, but I couldn't find it. I'll be honest. I didn't spend a lot of time rummaging around back there before giving up. I sort of just gave up. Not 'sort of'. I just gave up as a part of the process of starting. It's a good trick. Useful for when you are at risk of being too productive. I'm not that. Not that at all. Still fun. I can teach you if you're interested.

Oh, it's also part of that Avengers thing that Marvel is doing. You know the one. That whole Marvel Cinematic Universe thing that has been happening. You've seen it. Does that make it more interesting to the rest of you? It's been pretty popular. It probably does. See this one for whatever reason suits you. I don't care what it is. I just want them to make another one.

EDIT: Hey, look. I found it.

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