Monday 3 February 2014

Jed's promises are more reliable

This is actually late. I meant to get to this on Friday when it was new, but our internet was doing some kind of not very useful dance, and it would load some things really quickly, but others in quite the opposite amount of quickness. Then the weekend happened, which is a regular occurrence. It's more regular than that. Time just kind of got away from me. As it stands, it's back to back with other Jed anyway.

I'm not sure that I promised to be on top of this sort of thing, the new Channel Jed things, but I did make some noises about it, and I like it. The whole thing. I like Channel Jed. I have subscribed, because I like to be aware of when the new things are coming out, and as a result there is a good chance that I am going to subject you to that from time to time, or as often as I feel like. This first one, being the first one of the new regime, seems to me to be the kind of one that should be talked about though.

You know what I really like about this video is that the placement of the mousepad implies that he is wearing pants. It's like, 'oh, hey. Jed has blue pants on', but he doesn't. You should always double check that people are wearing pants on YouTube. Sometimes it's just a special effect.

The track 'Misty Promises' appears in another mode on The Lost Years EP, which is still alive and well on the iTunes and the GooglePlay. He is also on Facebook. I liked him there. You should too. These things mean something. All those cats who run the internet tubes keep track of these things. It's a sort of democracy that is run by cats. Cats with power. They are the worst kind of cats.

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