Tuesday 28 January 2014

Channel Jed

That is the trailer for Channel Jed. I think it is actually just called 'Jed Hutchinson', which is Jed's name. You may remember me talking about Jed and Jed's EP, The Lost Years, which came out last Jed. Jed, Jed, Jed. You may also remember me getting excited about the alternate mix of 'The Cowboy Song', and the subsequent remix by Explosions & Fireworks. There were good reasons for all of this to be happening, and good reasons that this will no doubt continue into the future.

2014 is going to be the year of Jed. Not 'the international year of', but more of a personal one for him. I'm not sure if it was one of those resolutions that we talk about sometimes, or just a 'hey, it's January' situation, but this will be the start of an increased output of publicly available materials, which is good for the rest of us. Once it is publicly available, we can have it, because we are the eponymous 'public'. That's us.

We've talked about this before. Jed and I, not you and I. You and I have not really discussed anything of this sort, but Jed has made mention of the intention, and I have made supportive noises and sentences out of the words I had at my disposal, and the words, sentences, and noises were all sincere. This whole happening of activity is well within the proposed timeframe proposed for what is happening, and that is exciting. It is all about what is coming next now, and while that previously mentioned 'us' is waiting for what that thing is that is coming next, which I am excited about, there is this cover of 'The Piece You Took from Me' by Whitley. It's by Jed. That is how it is related. It isn't just some cover by some person.

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