Saturday 18 January 2014

Gayby Baby

That is Rory, and he is telling it like it is, and showing you how to eat an ice cream the best that he knows how. He seems to have lost some of the chocolate shell along the side. This is a rookie mistake. He has some work ahead of him in that department, but his words are fine. He is on the right page with his words. I'm showing you this because I made previous mention of the documentary Growing up Gayby, and I wasn't really sure what its future might be at the time. I know now. Well, I know some of its future, and I'm here to share.

Its future is this thing, Gayby Baby. It's a feature thing. If you missed it, it will have a new life as something else that will be far more available than its previous incarnations. I know this now on account of my connections. My connection tells me to '...tell them the feature is pretty different. More filmy I suppose, and less issue-based', which she explained with 'It's totally from the perspective of the young kids in Growing Up Gayby. No critic interviews'. So, that is the scene. There is going to be a feature with a slightly different approach, but Growing Up Gayby will be available on DVD at some stage. I was also told to tell you that, but I didn't get to it until just now.

There is a Facebook page that will keep you up to date on the whole shebang. I'll try my best to be on top of the shebang, but I'm not known for my reliability in this department. If this particular shebang is your sort of thing then you should probably get it from the face's mouth, because that is where I will be getting it from anyway.

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