Sunday 5 January 2014


I like reading comics. It's an easy thing to do. They're all full of pictures, and quite often those picture are related to the story that's being told. In that way they are a lot like picture books. I like picture books.

There is one, a comic, that I have been reading lately that is in the process of coming out on a month by month basis. I haven't done this for a long time. I normally pick up the completed tale once it's available in a format that is easier to keep on a shelf. My iPad has changed that, because now I don't have to keep it on any sort of physical shelf.

I'm reading Saga. I like saying it. Saga. Writing it isn't the same. It's this space-opera/fantasy thing, and there are bounty hunters, and robots, and all that fun stuff. It's also got space wizards, and it's a period of civil war. When you say it out loud like that there are some things about it that are going to remind you of Star Wars, but it's on a whole different wavelength. The opening scene is childbirth, a romance novel is a central and clever plot point, and there is a dude who is in love with a spider lady. The dialogue is a delight to get into, the action is exquisite, and the drama is an intrepid explorer of the emotional spectrum. It's well written, and well drawn, which are the two parts of a comic. They get written and drawn, and then they're done, and this one is done very well. If you wanted something brief, it's a weird and exciting space-opera fairytale for adults.

If it seems like the kind of thing that might take your fancy, you can get your face into it over on the Comixology app, which lets you purchase comics on your toys. Fun! No more shelves. Well, you'll still have shelves, but you'll put things on them that aren't your comics. Stuffed animals, your completed Lego sets, science fiction toys. I'm not sure what stuff you have at your place. The point is that there won't be comics on your shelves. As if that wasn't incentive enough, the first issue is free through Comixology, which makes it a great way to see if it might be the kind of thing that you want in your face.

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