Monday 13 January 2014

Space Dandy is on the scene

I was going to be so on top of this whole situation, but I was thinking about other things. I'm here now, and Space Dandy is out on/in/at the Madman Screening Room, which I like as a venue for this sort of thing. It is available subbed and dubbed, but I went with the dubbed. I was tired. Super tired. I started the subbed version, but switched over on account of there was a reason that I was watching cartoons instead of reading at one in the morning.

The show is about what the trailer implied it might be. Exactly about. It is. It is that thing that you would probably expect from that trailer, if you were paying attention. It's super busy, visually, which is why I'm probably going to stick with the dubbed version for the time being. It also absolutely doesn't take itself seriously. I'm two episodes in, being the number of currently available episodes, and I just watched a whole episode about tasting ramen, which made sense at the time.

Captain Future came to mind while I was watching it. Not any version of Captain Future that I was previously familiar with, but a kind of unemployed, bosom-ogling, crayon-eating Captain Future. You get the impression that in the future there are a lot of things that don't work very well, and that in the future there is a great deal of incompetence. Space incompetence, as distinct from terrestrial incompetence. It's very colourful. Some many colours. If you like colours, then you are going to enjoy the show.

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