Sunday 2 March 2014

Not even space trains

I rode some trains. I like trains. I like to ride trains. Panda too. He likes it because he thinks it makes him faster than the other pandas, which is important. He is fairly certain that they don't understand the ticketing system and are thus incapable of riding trains. Panda also struggles to make sense of the ticketing system, but he has me to handle that side of things, so he doesn't really need to worry. We haven't seen any other pandas with man-pets who help them ride trains. Not on our lines.

We like riding trains and listening to music. That can be an outing for us. An outing that we quite enjoy. We like the longer rides. Not intercity. We do like those, but not necessarily. We like the limits of the Sydney Trains network, and I suppose they are intercity. New Castle, Sydney, and Wollongong are not yet the one city. A sort of New Syllygong. Not 'sort of'. That is what it will be. Not yet, but that'll come.

It's kind of a science fiction fantasy. The trains. Which isn't something we have picked up from the watching of train related science fiction, which is a real thing that exists if you want it. You know. If you you want it, it is out there. I can point you in the right direction. I can't go with you though. You'll understand when you see it. In the end though it has more to do with the music that I'm listening to when this occurs. There is a lean that it has, and you ride your train and the music sidles up next to your sense of wonder and points out the window and makes rocket-ship engine noises. That isn't always a metaphor either. Sometimes it is actually making rocket-ship noises, and I like that.

We have been relying heavily on This Binary Universe, Random Access Memories and Cycle of Spheres to score our mass transit futures. It's not that they are strictly speaking one hundred percent science fiction, but there is definitely a lean. They are not standing up straight thematically at all. They are leaning. Maybe they like it. I like leaning. I do also like leaning on trains, but for the long trips I prefer to be seated. I guess I still lean against the side of the train. It is sit leaning though. Slouching maybe. I'm not a posturesaurus of any sort so I tend to end up sort of strewn across things.

I am not entirely sure as to the mechanisms in play, but they are there. Playing. What's important though is that it makes me feel a little better, and I got to do that. Feel a little better.

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