Monday 3 March 2014

Until we get our own

We're pretty keen on theme songs, but we don't have a theme song of our very own to keep. Individually or as a whole. Not yet. We aren't working on it either, because we aren't good at that sort of thing. We aren't a songstress collective, or whatever the male version of that is. I feel like I know those words. Anyway, we write songs and we like them, but they are predominantly about cheese, and ham, and what happened to that , and sometimes why we can't eat fruit flavoured shampoo. Well, we can and we do, but the problem is that that does not taste like it smells. That actually isn't a sometimes thing either, that is more of a semi-regular thing. We're persistent. We buy different brands just incase one of them has cracked it. You think I'm kidding. I'm not. This is our life. We're dreamers.

Look, if it turns out that shampoo is really not at all good for you, we'll probably take that shampoo tasting energy and find another dream to apply it to. Like our dreams of having our own theme songs. Panda and I. Probably the Octo-Hoff too. He doesn't talk much. A lot of that is as a result of me not really knowing a lot about cephalopods. I'm not sure he has a voice. I don't think octopuses make noises. Maybe they do. Not my area. We know the dragon wants one, but he's new. He goes last. In the meantime Panda says that you need to learn and sing this song with the following corrections to the lyrics. If you then want to record and post it to YouTube or another media sharing digital media hoard, that is up to you.

I gotta get up
I gotta get going
I'm gonna see a friend of mine

He's round and he's fuzzy
I love him because he's just

Rhu Bear, Panda the Rhu Bear
Cooking some lunch, tasty for tummies please
Rhu Bear, I know he's in bed,
Grumberly slumberly, dreaming of cookie trees

Lunch never ends for us
We're so surrenderous
We cease every now and again
But when we're alone
And there's nobody home
It is nice to call up for takeout with friends like

Rhu Bear, Panda the Rhu Bear
Wherever you go, oh won't you take your keys
Rhu Bear, I gotta be there
It's me and it's you
My silly old Panda the Rhu

You can see from the lyrics that a great deal of our life revolves around food, and locking ourselves out. That's me. I lock myself out. He sleeps. It's a division of labour. We do other things too, but none with such great regularity. Certainly not write clever theme songs. We do other clever things. This is about as well as we can do for the time being, and it will have to do. Our other options mostly include descending into nonsense, which we're likely to do anyway.

I should make clear that both Panda and I have other friends. It isn't just the two of us. We know and appreciate the company of some other people. None of whom are woodland animals, which is sad. We know a cat, but he is about as non-woodland as you can get. Well, some kind of exclusively deep sea dwelling thing would probably be more non-woodland than a domestic house-cat. There are probably a great many things that more non-woodland. It was a silly thing to say. Sorry.

I'm not sorry.

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