Wednesday 5 March 2014

Please for treats?

We are treat enthusiasts. Panda and I, and in fact a great many of the people that we know. That face that he is making there. That is his 'Please for treats?' face. You can seen the expectation, and the uncertainty. He is a little bit sad, because he does not yet have the treats that he coverts, but the possibility for excitement is there. Who could say 'no' to this face? Not me. I can't. I've tried. It doesn't work. Things happen anyway. He is a very passionate bear. Especially so when treats are concerned. Also, I am weak.

Did I mention that we are treat enthusiasts? We consider this is a sub-category of our snack enthusiasm, which leads us to eat sliced bread in bed. In this role we call it bed bread (trade mark pending). (That's not true. There is no trade mark pending.) (We'd actually be quite happy if other people started using the term. Couples everywhere could bed bread together.)

Quite often our requests for treats are made to the ether, but occasionally this works. We had recently been discussing our need for treats when a friend asked us if we wanted biltong. Do you know what that is? It is like South African super jerky. It is South African super jerky. We're pretty big on a variety of jerkies, and have in the past been ostracised for our particular fondness for a number of seafood jerkies. If we had to pick a favourite though, it is probably going to be the meats. We like dried meats. They are like meat cookies. Kind of. Not when they're this big though. Actually, our pervious cookie experience would say that cookies can actually be much larger than this.

This was gifted at us by people who love us. It was home made. Not by the people who gifted it, but we're still incredibly grateful and more than a little enamoured. It is a lot of dried meat. Here is a comparative photo with Panda. It's a lot of biltong.

See how professional he looks. He has done this sort of thing before. I know he is focussing on the biltong, but he's only human. No he isn't. That isn't what he is. Anyway, the cherry-tomato is there as a backup. It is actually larger than most of the cherry tomatoes that I have known, but we only had the two punnetts. I was working with what I had. Abnormally sized fruit and easily distracted pandas. It's amateur hour.

We've eaten most of it now, because we are grateful for the treats that we have been given. Also it is dried meat, and it is delicious. No treat goes unappreciated. That is a rule we live by. You know. Just in case you were wondering whether we would appreciate future gifts of treats you were considering. We would. We also share the same neck size.

Just saying.

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