Sunday 16 March 2014

Legacy of Nastiness

In my most recent post I commented negatively on the quality of the writing on Legacy of Kain community sites. These comments were unfair, disrespectful, mean, and a poor attempt at being insightful and humourous. They were neither funny nor clever. It is unfortunate how entrenched the negativity towards community resources is within certain circles, and it is an ingrained sort of meanness that made me feel that it was appropriate to take pot-shots at the work being done by others while I lazily write whatever I feel like publishing.

Community sites are maintained by contributors who create and collect content as an expression of their passion and interest in something, and it is only an inflated self importance that allows me to deride the work that they do.

I have historically avoided participating in community sites out of a false and obnoxious sense of superiority. How long I have held onto these feelings without truly acknowledging the extent of how baseless they actually are I could not tell you, but it is too long.

I will not excuse my behaviour, nor will I remove the offending comment. I have drawn attention to it in the original post, so that it will serve as a reminder to my thoughtless nastiness, and encourage me to make more serious efforts towards modifying this behaviour.

I rely heavily on community sites for much of the information on my blog, as well as for much of my own amusement.

I am sorry.

Legacy of Kain Wiki
Nosgothic Realm

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