Tuesday 18 June 2013

EPOC: Brain Computer Interface Technology

There has been previous mention of the planned goings on that were to go on once I had completed my last exam, and they have now that I have. I am of course talking about sending messages from my brain to my computer without utilising those avenues upon which my brain is traditionally reliant. This was managed through the use of an EPOC neuroheadset, produced by Emotiv. It would be completely fair to say that the EPOC is not state of the art. This is an opinion about which I am pretty confident, and one that is supported by the other one produced by Emotiv. It isn't always strictly important to be state of the art. I couldn't tell you what is always strictly important, because if I could, I wouldn't tell you. Not here. I'd tell you in a book for $49.95, or $22.40 for the e-version.

What I can tell you about the EPOC is that it has some limitations. The specific limitations aren't important. Not here they aren't. Not for my words that I'm saying at your eyes. They're important in regards to development, but the story works out the same, which more or less breaks down to (1) what blood we can wring from this stone, and (2) what the next stone should be like. I'm talking about stones because stones have a multitude of applications, and have been involved in a variety of important technologies. What turns out to be really interesting is what we suspect it can't do, but we later find that it can.

I should also mention that it isn't just limitations in a pretty box. It works, and it does so in much the same way as it promises to work.

That is about all I can really tell you about this technology at this juncture. I'm new in town, which means I have some catching up to do. That there though is the game, and it is afoot. A friend (I like to think we're friends) recently said, "If you get involved in tech, and you're happy to keep thinking and learning forever, then there's so much to be done!" I'm onboard with this, and I'll probably info-dump the things that I'm learning somewhere in this general e-vicinity.

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