Monday 6 May 2013

Mastering Windows 8 and the Hitchhiker's Playlist

I have been up to my unkempt little tufts in assignments lately (which among other things has distracted me from cutting my hair, hence the tufts), so I haven't really had much time to think about anything that isn't directly related to a subject I am doing at uni. Despite this situation, I thought I might share a story and a wondrous discovery.

The story goes like this: Friends of mine had a computer that had started returning harddrive errors (that's brain damage for your computer). I recommended that they pick up a little Dell desktop sporting the often mocked Windows 8 nearly solely on Dell's high level of customer service and technical support. I was a little concerned about 'The New Windows' (which was the only OS available for that model), because one of these friends had only recently referred to having two documents open side by side on the same screen as 'a trick that [I] should teach [him]'. In the end I thought, 'They keep regular hours. They can just call me if they need to.' Anyway, I have just this morning been regaled with a tale of discovery and confident navigation of Microsoft's, supposedly unfriendly, Windows 8.

And my wondrous discovery is this:

I didn't even know this much of it was out there. The 38 second radio edit that later ended up on TV has been circling my brain for years. This discovery had nothing to do with the looming Towel Day, but while we're here in the vicinity I thought I might mention the worlds oldest web translating service and a far less serious user written free online encyclopaedia that predates Wikipedia.

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