Tuesday 14 May 2013

Doctor Who Finale Leaked

So, there was some kind of production error in the US that resulted in the early shipment of the Doctor Who: Series Seven, Part Two BluRay boxset.

So early is this release that the season finale that appears on the boxset has not yet been aired.

Both the Beebs and Beebs Yanklandia have implored the public not to spread information on the finale over the internet. This may seem like the kind of request that just doesn't have any impact on the way events will unfold, but this isn't without precedent. Asylum of the Daleks, episode one of this current season, was also seen early by about a thousand people. That time Steven Moffat also requested that spoilers be kept off the internet until the episode had aired, and was successful.

This time around Steven Moffat has offered up a tasty bribe if secrets can be kept until the official premiere on BBC One this coming Saturday. What might tempt fans of the Doctor? How about a brand new clip of David Tennant and Matt Smith? Well that is what is on offer here.

If secrets can be kept for a week, we will be rewarded with a short clip of the 10th and 11th Doctors together.

I will also offer this small warning for those who are want to run out to their local torrent shop and grab the goods for an early viewing. There is a high likelihood that you will not get the episode of Doctor Who, nor in fact any episode of Doctor Who. What you are likely to get is graphic racist homosexual pornography. A film by the name of Gay N*****s From Outer Space to be specific. So, have fun with that.

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