Sunday 12 July 2015

Ash vs Evil Dead


I'm not even...

What do you say?

They're not making another Evil Dead, they're making a tv series, because that's what you do now.

I love The Evil Dead, and it's sequels, and the remake, and the comics. It's all good. That's where I'm coming from here. That's my starting point for this thing. Bias is going to happen.

Look, back in the early 80s the plethora of zombie movies that had hit the scene needed something like The Evil Dead, and the early 90s fo' defs needed Army of Darkness. This need was real.

Things were getting deep into some pretty circular self gratification, and we need a dumb-ass with a shotgun and a chainsaw.

The time has come once again.

The zombie apocalypse genre is like an overripe fruit. And within it is a new seed. We only need to wait for the wind which will make it fall. The wind called Ash vs Evil Dead!

Look, maybe it's not that. But, honestly, deep down, I don't even care. I'm going to watch so much of it, and the part of me that is beyond bored with The Walking Dead will be so happy.

I remember when Army of Darkness came out, and I was standing there staring at the cover on the new release wall in Civic Video thinking, 'That looks like Ash!' 

It was Ash!

And, I had to convince the guy behind the counter that I should be watching this movie in my house, and that he really did need to be stopping me from this. His victory was fleeting, because I got that shit saw, and I loved it! Chainsaws! Time travel! Stop motion skeletons! Some of the dumbest dialogue in the history of cinema!

It's all there.

All of it!

In hindsight, I would've been about 11 or 12ish, by which stage I'd seen the first two, R rated, films in the series. So, there's that.

Then there's this:

And this:

At the end of the day, those movies that constitute the deadite fighting, time travelling, self-amputating, shit talking adventures of Ash Williams are not for everyone. Especially the first two. You might not be the kind of person who enjoys watching a total dumb-ass fumble his way to victory, but I am. I have loved this B-grade, semi-Lovecraftian nonsense for a long time. Especially Army of Darkness, which I loveth the mosteth.

Plainly speaking, it's quite fucking glorious!

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