Wednesday 18 December 2013

Welcome to the Space Show

Welcome to the Space Show came into my life with Summer Wars. They both turned up on the same day and in the same way, and they definitely both share the common thread that I didn't really know what I was getting into.

I didn't read the back of the box. I had a title and the box art (more or less the image above), but in this case the box art was a bit more informative. I sat down fairly certain that to some extent at some point shit was going to be happening in space. I feel like somewhere out there is a different version of the Summer Wars box art that extends you this same courtesy.

There was this thing on the box. A quote from someone who had said something about it being some sort of new standard in the visuals department. I don't have the box with me, and it isn't really important what the exact words were. What is important is that this film is busy. There is so much going on pretty much everywhere you look. It's bright, and they populated the shit out of space, and I'm pretty sure they used all of the colours.

This movie looks amazing. It's busy. Did I say that? I know I did. It's just up there. According to this movie, there is some crazy biology happening out in space. I tend to go in for this sort of thing. Star Wars and Valerian et Laureline bring this out in me.

This is where science fiction really kills fantasy. You got some different sizes and colours of human? Some have pointy ears and those ones are green? I suppose that's cool.

How many aliens you got? A squajillion? One of them is an evil beach ball with tentacles and another might be half pig half coconut? I'm in.

The plot is busy too. It seems to be making up its own mind as it goes along, but it  didn't bother me that much. It suited everything else that was happening. Most of it fits in with itself very nicely, but this is definitely the kind of film where you will be punished if you put too much thought into some things.

I don't normally go in for that.

That isn't true.

I do go in for that, but generally only if it's upbeat. There are some things in this film that just don't make any sense. You should know that going in. If you are in dire need of explanations, I am not the person to come to. Look, I'll give it a go, but it might be better to make something up for yourself. Draw some pretty pictures.

If you do that, send them in.

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