Saturday 5 October 2013

An updated sense of Unity

In early August I was talking about learning Unity in your own time. The original post mentioned that there were some issues completing the tutorial as described in more recent versions of Unity, and went on to say that there was 'nothing major'. This is wrong. I had originally completed the tutorial using OSX Unity 3.x, and have recently completed the tutorial on Windows 8 Unity 4.2.

Where you are really going to hit issues is with the sound. It turns out that the way in which Unity handles sound has changed over the years, and the Lerpz tutorial was never updated to accommodate these changes. This is something that the author of the tutorial freely acknowledges. His suggestions for getting your sound to work properly in the more recent versions of Unity didn't work for me. I scrounged around, and managed to learn a lot about the new Unity sound system in the progress. A few of the methods have changed, and some of the tags and components work slightly differently. It's a more complicated system, but not so complicated that you should be worried.

If you reach the audio section of the Lerpz tutorial ask a question in the comments, and I'll help where I can.

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