Thursday 25 July 2013

Clearly, It's a higher quality glue

United by Glue has undergone some changes. The design changed, the favicon was created and loaded, and, most recently, the domain name has been registered (as a birthday present) and mapped. This is all meant to come together to be a part of a general trend towards something other than what it was.

This is all part of a larger change in my life. Since I started United by Glue the focus of my life has changed. At the hour of setup I was working on one or more science-fiction stories as the primary focus of getting up in the morning, but where I am at now is a different kettle of fish.

While I know (more or less) what will be happening here at United by Glue for the foreseeable future, I will be keeping that to myself for the time being. If you've checked in during the last month, you will no doubt be able to make some reasonably accurate guesses as to the general direction of future contents, and though this will be the focus there will still be some of this.

I hope you all bookmark this action, and subscribe and/or join.

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