Friday 26 April 2013

We're in a unique position here

The thing I really like about Doctor Who is that it differs so drastically from one story to the next. This is the reason I have been tuning in for so many years. People

That said, the best stories are the ones that cannot be told anywhere else. Stories that can only really be told in the setting of a time traveling alien mad-man and his charming little bit of tasty human biscuit. "Hide" is the most recent episode, and it is one of these stories. If you missed it, head over to the ABC's iview and give it a watch.

I enjoy this approach to writing for serialised fiction. It is a good way to go. When you think about 'the best' episodes of TV shows or 'the best' story-lines in comics are often the stories that can't be told anywhere else. I'll probably go into this in more detail at a later date, but anyone who is interested should think about how some sitcoms and science fiction shows are written to take advantage of their particular setting or format. Along with Doctor WhoThe X-Files and Star Trek both distinguished themselves from the rest of what was going on on TV through this approach, as did Bewitched, I dream of Genie, The Wire and The West Wing.

Other stories of this ilk in the Doctor Who catalogue include "The Doctor's Wife", "Vincent and the Doctor", "The Girl in the Fireplace", "Blink" and  "City of Death", which are mostly available on DVD and/or through iTunes.

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